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Textbook Rentals

Textbook rental transactions are governed by different return policies than those for textbook purchases. Books rented for the SPRING 2019 terms must be returned to the University Store by  MAY 7TH, 2019 to avoid replacement fees being charged to you. The University Store reserves the right to change rental prices and to remove books from rental availability without notice.

Below are the terms you MUST agree to prior to renting

**These terms apply for all rentals in SPRING 2019**


Please read the entire contract agreement before renting books.


  • All receipts for textbook rentals must be signed in person at the University Store by the student renting the book, and the student must possess a valid Monmouth University ID.
  • Textbook rentals may be returned with Proof of Drop, Course Cancellation or Written Faculty Authorization for the full value of the rental price paid if the books are returned on or before the end of Add/Drop.
  • A credit card with an expiration date of January 31, 2020 or later must be presented at the time of rental.
  • All rental books must be returned to the University Store prior to the close of business MAY 7TH, 2019.
  • If any book (whether new or used when rented) is not returned by the deadline, a charge will be made to your credit card on file for the replacement cost of a NEW book.
  • You may purchase your book if you desire by paying the difference between the rental price and the retail price of the book when it was rented based on the condition rented.

Please return your book at the buyback line, and make sure to get a return receipt from the buyer when you return your book. 

Please retain this receipt at least 30 days.