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Textbook Ordering Instructions

Locating Course Materials

  1. Go to the Monmouth University Bookstore Homepage - OR the Monmouth University homepage and click "bookstore" in the bottom right hand corner.
  2. Click the textbook tab at the top of the page.
  3. Read all instructions and disclaimers.
  4. With your course schedule handy:
    1. Go to the box in the middle of the page which shows the 2 or 3 letter prefix for each department.
      1. Click all the boxes for which you have classes.
  5. Click "continue to get course materials" under the box.
  6. You will now see displayed all the classes in your chosen department.  Again, paying close attention to your schedule:
    1. Pick out your sections
    2. PLEASE NOTE: On some large, multi-sectioned courses, sections may be combined and not necessarily in order.
  7. Click on your course and section.
    1. You will see all the books for your classes.
    2. In red, underneath the books, it will say "required or recommended." 
    3. You may also see some titles marked "either/or."
      1. These are books which may be purchased in different formats, such as a standard textbook or an eBook, or a loose leaf edition.  Please pick ONLY ONE format.
  8. If you just wish for a book list, you can click "print book list" at the bottom of that page. 

Ordering Course Materials

  1. On each book you wish to order, click on "new" or "used."  THIS IS A PREFERENCE ONLY.
  2. Then click the "Add to Cart" button - be careful as this step is often overlooked.
  3. Click "shopping cart"
    1. You will get a section restating your books and preferences.  You may change and "update" or "continue checkout."
    2. The next screen after the "continue checkout" has been selected may be a little confusing. 
      1. It is not unusual for instructors to change books or for changes to be made by departments in the middle of our reservation season.
      2. If a book is dropped from a course between the time you place your order until it is packed, our system will automatically drop the book from your order.
      3. You MUST pick from the drop down menu one of the following choices: "do not add, " "add all materials." or "add required only" and then check the box underneath for your choice of how to handle materials that are added.
      4. Adding materials might cause an increase in the amount your charge card is charged.
  4. Log in or Register
    1. If you have previously used the site, you may enter your log in information here.
      1. This log in is NOT the same as your Monmouth Webadvisor log in.
      2. Once you enter your information please click "log in"
    2. If you haven't already you MUST register before you can place an order
      1. Click the registration bar and then the "register to order books" link
      2. Fill in all the information on the page.
      3. The additional information at the bottom of the page is not required UNLESS you are using Financial Aid.
      4. You Student Number, minus the "s", Must be filled in.
  5. Continue to fill in your credit card or financial aid information to complete your order.


  • You will get an email when you first register.
  • You will get an email when you place your order successfully
    • Please remember the amount will be for new books, since we cannot assume at this time that we have used books in stock.
    • Your credit card is not charged or held at this time.
  • You will get an email when books are ready to be picked up.
  • Each email will contain your order number.
    • Please bring it to the store when you pick up your books.